In case you want to know a bit about the person behind the laptop screen, I’m 18 years old from Manchester, England and currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at NTU. The initial motive for starting this blog was to give me something to do during summer after completing my A Levels. But given that having an active blog is a vital part of my degree, I’ll be switching my blog focus to more university and fashion based subjects. Hopefully though I’ll still manage to maintain a wide range of varied posts, keeping everything, well you know, balanced!

Even with the focus of my blog now changed, I’m still hoping to stick to the basis that I formed this blog on; being balanced and real whether that’s within my university studies, social life or fitness etc. What I’m not trying to do is be another ‘perfect’ social media somebody, because our lives are already far too saturated with that. Instead I’m hoping to create a place for my thoughts, reflections, adventures and experiences.

I think all that’s left to say is, thanks for stopping by, follow and enjoy!


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