Knocking off the knock offs

Let’s talk counterfeit goods; more specifically, counterfeit fashion. We all know the scene; markets in Turkey and Greece and other tourist hot spots selling ‘Michael Kors’ bags and ‘Gucci’ belts for less than a fifth of what you’d pay for them at legitimate retailers. But we all know us Brits love a bargain and with the quality of these fakes becoming higher and higher, so does the desire to buy into the brand.

But the issue is; you’re not buying into the brand. You’re buying into an illegal industry that costs fashion designers hundreds and millions of dollars every year.

Just a few days ago I was scrolling through Instagram when an ad came up for ‘Deisel’. The ad shows a market stall on NYC’s infamous Canal Street; notorious for being the home of fake goods. Having unintentionally stumbled across Canal Street myself when in New York last month, I know first hand how crazy it is. Every other person you walk past is trying to peddle ‘genuine’ Gucci and Prada bags to you. The ad shows the Deisel stall holders trying to sell ‘genuine’ Diesel products to the customers whilst the customers point out the misspelling of the logo.

However, the difference between the other counterfeit Canal Street stores and this one was that these ‘Deisel’ goods were genuine. Genuine fakes produced by Diesel themselves. In an attempt to end the production of counterfeit goods, the brand put themselves on the front line alongside the usual sellers. Essentially what Deisel were doing here was knocking off counterfeit Deisel products by producing fakes themselves and at the same time creating what will become a collectible range. Genius if you ask me.


As soon as people clicked on to the stunt, queues began to form outside the shop so people could get a look at the tongue in cheek store for themselves and grab some $60 ‘Deisel’ jeans. Much cheaper than the usual $200 Diesel jeans and now much rarer too.


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