Nike Unlimited Stadium

So today in our seminar at uni, I discovered the existence of the Nike Unlimited Stadium. The stadium, located in Singapore is the world’s first LED running track and it’s shape is inspired by the Nike Lunar Epic running shoes.


Up to 30 runners at a time can run on the 200m running track which features LED wall panels. The stadium brings to life the saying; ‘An athlete’s greatest competition will always be himself’ as participants race against an avatar of themselves. Seems pretty cool doesn’t it? Here’s roughly how it works.


The technology tracks your first lap so that on your second lap, an avatar appears beside you on the walls which runs at the same pace as your previous lap therefore giving you a visual comparison to race against. There’s no bigger motivator than yourself and Nike have tuned in to this. The LED track will encourage participants to train harder and push themselves because when someone can physically see that they’ve beaten their avatar and their personal best, they will experience a higher lever of satisfaction than they might feel if they were being motivated by a personal trainer or fitness app.


I really admire what Nike have done here. Their use of digital technology to create a whole new fitness experience is incredible (even if it’s not accessible to those of us not in Singapore) and gets me excited about what future technological advances they could come up with. I also love the message behind the track; that you are your biggest competition and you should continually work to better yourself. Your only point of comparison should be yourself.

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