My Top 10 Moments of 2017

Welcome to my first blog post of 2018!! Another year has flown by and it’s quite a startling reminder that you’ve got to make the most of every minute as life really is short! But I honestly feel that I can say I did that in 2017. Last night sat at the dinner table with the family, we all shared and reflected on our favourite memories of the year. And it made me realise, despite all the awful things that have happened across the world this year, 2017 was a damn good year for me. I met new friends, reunited with old ones, visited new places, turned 18, moved to a new city and started university, all whilst making fantastic memories along the way. So, as suggested by the title of this post, here are my top 10 moments of 2017 (in chronological order as no one of these moments were better than the other!)

Dad’s 50th Birthday Party

This one makes it into the rankings as it was something that the whole family had been looking forwards to as we don’t really host parties, especially not ones on this sort of scale. Everyone got new outfits, me and my sister got our makeup done professionally and I just remember feeling so glamorous (which is nice as how often is it that you get to really feel like that???)  Family and friends are very important to me so it was just a lovely night where everyone important to us could come together to celebrate Dad turning the big 5-0.

New York City

Potentially one of the best moments of the year. It’s been a dream of mine to go to the ‘Big Apple’ for as long as I can remember and it finally came true in April 2017 when, as a family, we headed off to Manhattan as a sort of joint celebration for my 18th birthday/ Dad’s 50th. We got up to so many amazing things in NYC and ate so many amazing foods but one of my personal favourite memories from the trip has got to be watching Wicked on Broadway. As a self confessed musical fanatic, this was an absolute dream come true for me. Here are some of the best bits from the trip…

 College Dance Show

For anyone that knows me, they’ll know that dance is a huge part of my life and always has been. I love performing and one of my favourite performances ever was my last college dance show. I just love the whole process of preparing for a show; the long sweaty rehearsals, spending time with my friends in the process and of course the end result. I wouldn’t say I exactly loved all of my time at college but this dance show is one memory from the place that I often look back on with a smile.

Last ever dance show with my dance school, KAAD

This one really was an emotional one for me. I’ve danced at my dance school since I moved there when I was 8 years old and after spending several nights a week there for nearly 10 years, it was honestly like a second home to me. Not to mention the fact that I’ve met some of my very best friends through dance. So this is another memory that I’ll never, ever forget. And KAAD family- I miss dancing with you all so much!

My first girls holiday to Magaluf

Not going to go into great details on this one. It was an interesting experience filled with, as you can probably imagine, lots of alcohol and a fair few squabbles. I can say I’ve done it now and won’t be rushing to do it again any time soon but I wouldn’t change any of it as I had a great time in the sun with my  friends.

Tanzania Reunion/ My 18th

As many of you know, in summer 2016, I traveled to Tanzania where I spent 3 weeks exploring and volunteering. During this time I met some of the most AMAZING people and made some life long friends. Some of the things that I got to experience alongside these people were phenomenal. Therefore I was so, so grateful when in the summer, they came down to Manchester to celebrate my 18th birthday with me. The fact that they all made the effort to travel from different parts of the country and that it was the first time we’d seen each other in 12 months made it even more special.

Cape Cod

In 2017 I was fortunate enough to get two trips abroad in the summer and I was even luckier that one of these trips was to the absolutely stunning Cape in Massachusetts, USA. I already wrote a blog post about this place back in September but honestly. One of the best holidays EVER. I truly fell in love with Provincetown and Chatham.

V Festival

A common theme amongst my best moments of 2017 seems to be that I’m surrounded by my friends and those I love the most and this one isn’t any exception. In August I had the wetest, muddiest, glitteriest  weekend of my life at V Fest in Staffordshire with some of my best friends.

Leeds Festival

Another fun festival but to our delight, this one was filled with MUCH less rain. With a very impressive (if I do say so myself) 1.5 day turn around after V Festival, me and my friend Lizzie repacked our bags and off we went to Leeds Festival! A very different festival to what we experienced at V Fest but this didn’t mean it was any less brilliant. Although camping next to some seasoned Leeds Fest goers definitely made our experience easier.

Starting at Nottingham Trent University

This moment probably had the biggest impact on my life and will continue to do so as I moved to a new city over 2 hours from home to study Fashion Communication and Promotion. NTU wasn’t my first choice university so at first I was so incredibly nervous as to how things would turn out but they couldn’t have turned out any better. Now, I can’t imagine myself studying anywhere else. I’ve just completed first term, performed in an incredible show as part of Trent Dance, had a part time Christmas job, been on many eventful nights out and I’ve met some amazing new friends that I now can’t imagine being without.  All I can hope is that term 2 is just as great.

Here’s to making just as many wonderful memories in 2018.

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