Cath Kidston- Love it or love to hate it?

Now this blog post is pretty statistically heavy so bear with me! But my findings from a recent survey I carried out really interested me so hopefully you’ll find them equally as interesting.

So, over Christmas, I have been set a pretty hefty university project in which I have been allocated a trend, a brand and an outcome. As mentioned in the post previous to this one my trend is ‘Applied Art’. The brand I have been allocated is Cath Kidston and my outcome; an event. Admittedly, I had a sinking feeling in my chest when I found out I had been given Cath Kidston. It’s not a brand that I can say I exactly identify with and I had a few preconceptions about it. I consider it a bit of a ‘mummy’ brand. Quite frumpy and middle class but at the same time, pretty and cutesy. So I thought heck, let’s find out if I’m the only one with these ideas about the brand or if my opinion is one that is shared.

I used the free survey website, ‘Survey Monkey’ to generate my questions and then I shared my survey on several social media platforms and within 3 days, I had received 45 responses. Not too shabby a sample size if you ask me.


The type of information I was looking to gain from my survey was, who is Cath Kidston’s target market? And what people generally think of the brand. As I said, I had my own personal opinion of who the types of people are that shop at Cath Kidston and my own opinion on the brand itself but I wanted to see how my opinions stacked up against those of others.

In my survey, I asked the following questions:

How old are you?

What is your gender?

What is your occupation?

Have you ever bought anything from Cath Kidston for yourself?

Have you ever bought anything from Cath Kidston as a gift for someone?

If the answer to the previous question is yes, what relation was the person to you, what was their age and gender?

Does Cath Kidston appeal to you as a brand?

What 3 words would you use to describe the Cath Kidston brand?

Any other comments?

The results from my survey were quite interesting. However something that didn’t surprise me at all is that Cath Kidston is a purely female brand. Every single survey participant was either a female themselves, or had bought a gift for a female. Hardly surprising really when you think about the colour palette in a Cath Kidston store and the types of patterns that are plastered onto the products. It’s flowers galore with odd cute dog or polka dot print thrown in here or there.

gender of participants

Something else that I found out (which again was pretty expected) was that a majority of respondents had bought from Cath Kidston as a gift for someone else rather than themselves. Which you have to say is hardly surprising when you consider the brand’s prices. £28 for a teapot? I don’t think so. And I don’t care that it has pretty flowers on it.

Ever purchased anything from Cath Kidston

Something that I did find quite interesting is the age of Cath Kidston customers or the ages of people who were receiving Cath Kidston as a gift. 16-20 year olds were the biggest age group that participated in the survey but the biggest age group who had received Cath Kidston gifts was 31-50 year olds. This reaffirmed my idea that the brand is a ‘mummy’ brand but also surprised me slightly.  I know Cath Kidston has a very large and attractive children’s range so I was perhaps expecting this to be reflected in my results but the youngest person to have received a Cath Kidston gift in my survey was 13.

Age of gift recipientsage of survey participants

I kind of considered Cath Kidston to be a brand that was kind of past it’s sell by date but it seems that this isn’t the case at all and really, I’m just not in the brand’s target audience.  Perhaps I was a few years ago (I think every girl at my old high school went through the phase of having a Kidston bag as their school bag) and I probably will be again in 10years+ time when I reach the age where I enjoy receiving floral dinnerware and tea cosies but until then, I think I can safely conclude that Cath Kidston’s target market is 30+. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike the brand by any means but I just consider it to be a bit….dated?

This blog post has suddenly become very long, very quickly so I’ll wrap it up here but I’ll drop in my other pie charts showing what else I discovered for those of you who haven’t got bored already and continued reading to this point. (I personally find the words that people used to describe the brand particularly interesting and insightful but have a look for yourself).

Occupation of participantsPurchased from cath Kidston for yourselfDoes Cath Kidston appeal to you as a brandRecipient of giftsWords used to describe Cath Kidston Brand

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