Kaspa’s Desserts

Since I’ve moved to Nottingham, I have realised that there are a LOT of dessert places in the city. Which I 100% have no issue with as I have what is possibly one of the biggest sweet tooths known to man. I mean, all it takes is someone to say the word ‘cake’ and I’m practically drooling at the mouth. But despite having lived here for over 2 months now I am yet to try out one of the many dessert places. Or at least I was until a few days ago.

On Wednesday, I ventured out to Kaspa’s with the girls that I will be sharing a house with next year and we treated ourselves to some desserts.

There was so much choice on the menu and I think it’s fair to say we all struggled to decide on what to try. In the end I went for white chocolate cookie dough with chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough ice cream (are you getting that I’m a bit of a cookie dough fan?). The others went for chocolate brownie cookie dough, banoffee waffles and Nutella and strawberry waffles. We could have quite easily opted for an ice cream sundae or slice of cake though as the menu was sooo extensive.

The interior of Kaspas’s has a feel of an American diner (which I love) with big black and pink fuscshia booth seats and bright LED spotlights. In fact it reminded me of Archie’s back home in Manchester although Archie’s also serve fast food like burgers which Kaspa’s doesn’t (not that this is an issue).

But honestly. The white chocolate cookie dough?? LIFE CHANGING. So if you’re ever in the centre of Nottingham and fancy a treat, you won’t go far wrong with a visit to Kaspa’s

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