Jack Davison; the emerging photographic talent

Who is Jack Davison and why has he found himself as the subject of this blog post? Well, he is the 26 year old British photographer that is making waves in the worlds of art, fashion and photography and in 2014, he was named as the 2104 British Journal of Photography’s ‘One to Watch’. He has come to be the subject of this blog post as a result of our latest university task. We have been allocated an editorial Vogue shoot and our shoot? ‘The Line in the Sand’ shot by Jack Davison.

A selection of images from the ‘Line in the Sand’ Vogue shoot.

As a new and emerging photographer, Davison set out in 2013 on a 1000 mile, 26 state, 6 month tour of the USA documenting the characters that he met along the way through cinematic observations in order to build himself a portfolio. His big break then came shortly afterwards in 2014 when he was called upon to shoot an editorial for Port magazine. Ever since, he has continued to grow and develop a strong portfolio.

Creative website, ‘It’s Nice That’ describes Davison’s work as ‘crisp with just the right amount of grit’ and others have compared his offerings to the likes of work by photographic legends Irving Penn, Ernst Haas and August Sander. Davison himself says that he looks to Viviane Sassen and Viviane Maier for sources of inspiration though. Another unique quality to Davison’s work is that he often doesn’t take photographs in series or narratives; he takes single shots and lets them make an impact on their own. His interesting use of light and shadows in his work and his incredible ability to easily shapeshift from documentary photographer to high end fashion and street photographer, is truly remarkable.

A selection of works by Davison

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