Liberty London X Rebellion project

As a continuation from our Rebellion project which started a few weeks ago, our latest task over the last few weeks has been to come up with a concept for a given company. Our group was allocated Liberty London and our concept had to include print as an element.

Initially, no one in our group had actually heard of Liberty so for anyone that might be in the same position, Liberty is a high end department store in London that traditionally has a reputation for being an ‘floral old aunt’. On account of this, we wanted to make sure that our ideas targeted a new, younger audience.


Liberty have recently stepped up their game when it comes to their social media presence in order to compete with other large retailers and to appeal more to a tech-savvy younger generation. As a result, social media and technology was an element that we tried to focus on during our idea generation.

Idea 1

Our first idea was to collaborate with Apple to create a line of phone cases. These phone cases would feature a print on the back of them that promotes a ‘rebellious’ message. For example, there’s a huge focus on female power, diversity and breaking boundaries at the moment so we decided that the phone cases would be printed with phrases such as ‘diversity is beautiful’, ‘the future is female’ etc. We thought this idea would appeal to a younger generation as the Apple collaboration would make the cases instantly more desirable to a younger generation. Millennials would also be attracted to the ‘rebellious’ and empowering prints on the cases as it’s a way for them to express their views.


Idea 2

Our second idea focused on a combination of new and old rebellion. Our idea was to have a biker style motorbike in-store that’s actually a sweet cart. We would then encourage customers to sit on the motorbike and have their photograph taken and then share their photo online with  #LibertyRebels. By encouraging customers to share their photos online with this hashtag, we would be generating a greater social media presence for the brand as well as incorporating the print element into the task.

Harley Davidson Bikes Wallpapers 1

Idea 3

Liberty has a large makeup department, as most department stores do and therefore our third idea was to come up with a range of bright and daring coloured lipsticks that would encourage the consumer to be brave with their makeup choices and make a statement on their lips. To further this, the range of lipsticks would come with a campaign starring Cara Delevingne; a top model incredibly popular amongst millennials and a reputation for being a bit of a rebel. The idea behind the lipsticks is that consumers are bold and make a statement and are encouraged by the likes of Delevingne to speak their mind and not go through life as a spectator instead of a participant; to put on a bright lipstick and have the confidence to go out and take on the world.


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