Raw Print- Kayti Peschke and Gary Inman

So yesterday I attended my first ever Raw Print lecture at Antenna Nottingham. Raw Print is an open lecture series that invites writers and publishers from independent magazines to talk about their experiences. What started off as a platform for a zine project at Nottingham Trent University has grown into a monthly event that everyone can attended and find out more about the magazine, print and publishing industries and the journeys that the writers have been on.


Our beautiful venue for the evening- Antenna Nottingham


The speakers that were talking to us last night were Kayti Peschke from Caboodle magazine and Gary Iman from Sideburn magazine. Both of their magazines couldn’t be more different but it was really interesting to hear about their different experiences.

Kayti Peschke began her magazine (Caboodle) after a diagnosis put a sharp halt on her fashion photography career. She had no previous design experience but wanted to create a colourful and fun place of escapism and optimism. So that’s exactly what she set about doing from her office in her house and back garden photo studio.

One of the key points that Kayti talked about was the importance of social media, particularly Instagram, in helping increase awareness and sales of her magazine. As a Fashion Communication and Promotion student, I could really relate to and understand what Kayti was saying about the importance of a social media presence. It also reminded/inspired me to keep my blog and FCP fashion account as active as possible- you never know who might be reading/viewing your posts and the connections that could be formed as  a result.

Another really important message that I took away from Kayti’s talk is that if you are passionate about something, if you enjoy writing or posting about something, keep going!! Because if you’re passionate about it, someone else will be too.


Gary Inman is the writer and creator of Sideburn magazine, a very niche magazine for motorbike owners and lovers. It started off as a magazine for those interested in dirt track racing but expanded and broadened over time.

Gary began as a journalist and then a freelance journalist. But after becoming bored  of asking the same questions to the same people, he took it upon himself to launch a new career in something he was passionate about and that’s how Sideburn was formed.

Towards the end of his talk, Gary talked about mistakes that he’d made throughout his journey. One of these mistakes was failing to be organised enough and plan far enough in advanced, something which after only a few days into my university course, I am learning will be invaluable advice to me too for the next three years!


I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this talk but I decided to go to see if I could pick up anything that I could take back and apply to my course. I guess I was also interested in how these ordinary people had managed to create their own magazines especially given that I’ve taken an interest in independent print recently. I’m also still pretty clueless as to what career I want at the end of these 3 years so I guess I went to see if the magazine industry (independent or otherwise) could be a possible option.

Either way I really enjoyed the evening and felt that I gained a lot from it. I can’t wait to see the speakers that next month’s raw will bring.

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